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Internal Impact

Brain Health Center


Feeling stuck and without answers even though you have had great success in the past?

Does it seem like your life, profession, and relationships are no longer growing?

When is NOW, a great time for you to set a new direction for your life?

Internal Impact Brain Health Center, in coordination with the Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute can provide you with the right coach for you.  Call 305-480-5800 for a complimentary Discovery Session with Dr. Mario Garcia.  Once we believe you are a good candidate for our coaching program we will assign you a coach from our NeuroStrategic Coach® Certified Coaches. We offer all of our services in English and Spanish! 

We have a team of Certified Neuro Strategic Coaches and several packages to accommodate your needs. 

Neuro Strategic Coach® Services Offered:

Life Coaching - Relationship Coaching - Executive Coaching - Mentor Coaching - Legacy Leadership® Coaching for Business Owners - Brain Health Coaching - Faith Based Coaching -

Coaching services are not covered by insurance providers.  However, we offer payment plans and affordable rates.  Veterans and first responders receive a 20% discount with proof of service. Call 305.408.5800 for a complimentary Discovery Session.